Crazy intense cravings at 40 days.

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Crazy intense cravings at 40 days.

So, I planned to work all day yesterday (Saturday), but my cravings were so strong that it felt like day 4. My AV was so strong to the point I was staring at the wall shaking. I had a friend drive me to the store to get sparkling water, but they were out of the stuff I liked, so I got NA beer.

It had the calories I needed without the sugar of standard cokes. Until now, I'd been drinking canned sparkling flavored water, but the fake beer worked for a minute. I drank two, then went to bed at 8pm; fully awake at 4:30 am.

I've never had physical manifestations of withdrawal after more than a month in, but I guess certain circumstances can be tricky. Eating properly, and at the correct intervals have become my primary goals to stay the course.

Anyone else get intense sudden cravings after a month? I'd never had this before, and it scared me. I'm on day 41, and don't wanna mess it up.
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It does sound like you were hungry or thirsty. Maybe tired since you went to bed early too. Just have to remember H.A.L.T.

Be careful with the NA beer! I know everyone has their own opinions but I would be afraid it would increase my cravings.

Good idea about eating properly and often. That is important.

also do something to keep your mind off those cravings when they hit. Like take a walk etc.
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Love HALTS!!! I don’t do anything that fakes drinking cause I want as much separation as possible. I don’t do well that close to alcohol. I had urges on and off the first 60 days with a week around day 100 that really bugged me with lots of similar issues as in the first 30. Mood swings, urges, sleep issues. Just less intense. I also sported a non stop headache in the early’s the body healing!! All those urges are moments. Be here, AA, anywhere to pass the moment successfully. Stay strong!
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Yes. I had intense cravings up through 7 months of sobriety...they would come and go...but when they hit me, holy COW. I learned to think it through, and talk about it, and let it pass. Each craving dd gradually pass and now I hardly ever get cravings. Stick with it!
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