Tomorrow is 1 year Sober!

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Tomorrow is 1 year Sober!

I don't really like that word, sounds negative too me. But I did it, I really really did it. No Martini's, No Bloody Mary's, No Wine.
There were many tears over it. I was very sad that I could never enjoy these drinks ever again. But I was turning into a "drunk" and drinking was the only thing that I ever wanted to do, that's why I knew I had to stop.
I never lost a job or got a DUI but why wait for that to happen?
This last month has been wonderful. I never think about a drink and I don't care if I never have another one. I'm happy and I'm funny again. I can watch a Movie now and remember it!
I have a clean house and clean laundry. I food shop and cook really nice meals. I go for walks and enjoy the outdoors. I have a bright future.
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Great inspiration for all of us! I certainly "remember" watching many movies night after night while passing out half-way through each time.
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Congratulations- 1 year sounds good!!
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Congrats on 1 yr sober elleclear
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Fabulous job, elleclear! Congratulations on one year--it's an awesome milestone!!
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Sounds like a beautiful life to me!

Congrats on a year sober
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Congrats...great job!
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Happy ONE YEAR Soberversary, Elleclear!!!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on the first of many sober years! Keep going, it gets better.
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Clean house AND clean laundry? Can you come to my house, too? Just kidding, congrats on your 1 year anniversary!
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welcome and congrats elleclear!

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Congrats on a Year Sober! You should be proud, you're doing great!
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Be very happy!!

Well done elleclear
Your achievement is an inspiration to me. I'm about 360 days behind you but our starting positions sound very similar and in 12 months I'd like to be where you are.
Keep up the good stuff.
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Thank you for the kind words!
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Great job, Elleclear! I was the same way about movies. I'd watch them and never remember how they ended. That would go on for days at a time with the same movie! It's good to hear you're enjoying life.
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That is a big accomplishment! I wish you the best as you continue your journey!
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Congratulations on a year, elleclear.
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Great going elleclear & thanks for the inspirational post!
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