3 years and a rocky 9 months

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3 years and a rocky 9 months

Married mother of two. I've had 3 very successful years of sobriety and in the last 9 Months I've had several slips. I told my husband immediately afterward. We've moved back to my husbands hometown and there's a big party/social element here. I've found it very easy to sneak drinks at events without anyone knowing and since then it's happening more and more. I hate that I do this. I'm always miserable the next day. Yet, here I am on the couch nursing a hangover after sneaking drinks throughout a dinner party last night. I haven't told my husband. I haven't gone to any AA meetings here as it's a small community and I'm worried people will see me... but I'd rather them see me there than a hot mess being carried out of a restaurant. I don't know how to recommit to my sobriety in a new and different way or do I just go back to what worked before? I'm feeling a little lost and frustrated with myself.... anyone have anything they offer advice? Encouragement? Similar experiences?
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After a looooong relapse, I ended up going back to AA. I went back because I needed to find people who were like me and who I could relate to. It's important for me to have my people --those women in the program that I can contact that will help me out.

I'm finding "this time around" in my recovery, there are many things that are similar to the 13 years of sobriety that I had before. Some things are different. And that makes sense because with the passing of time...I am different and so are my life circumstances. I urge you to find your support network whatever that looks like as this recovery journey is not done well alone.
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I know it is hard to go to AA in a small community. That was the number one reason i was so against it at first....I feared seeing someone i know.
But i gave that first meeting a try and immediately felt support.
People there will understand you, not judge you.
Could you try some online meetings out?
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Recommit, get to a meeting asap. You'll be glad you did. So what if people see you going. It's about your recovery, that should come 1st. Acceptance comes to mind.
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Hi Babs

have you thought any about your recovery plan? (What exactly is a recovery plan?)
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