Need help

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Need help

Been taking hydros on and off for about 2 years. But the past 10 months I've been taking them more. Today is day 1 without taking anything. I have some vitamin c 1000mg with hiprose and calcium magnesium and zinc vitamin all 3 in 1. And I have hylands leg cramp meds and also Tylenol extra strength and Tylenol pm. Please someone help me. Will these meds combined help with at least some or half of my withdraws?
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Hi Toots - I know nothing about Hydros or their withdrawal.

Is all the stuff you're using over the counter/non prescription?
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This might help.

A Proper Diet for Recovery

Americans often take their diets for granted, but proper nutrition can mean the difference between relapse and sobriety for recovering drug rehab patients. Clinical drug rehab addresses many of the mental and emotional concerns of addiction, but proper physical care is also important for maintaining sobriety. Unfortunately, most people – even those who claim to eat “healthy” – don’t understand the profound ways different foods can affect their bodies. For addicts to maintain the success of their drug rehab programs, they must learn long-term dietary strategies for improving their moods, bolstering their energy levels, and avoiding disease.

Don’t Diet

One of the worst things people do when attempting to eat healthier is to put themselves on short-term diets. Whether someone is trying to suppress drug cravings, lose weight, or feel better, a “diet” is not the solution. Instead, addicts should focus on making good nutrition an integral part of their daily lives.

Avoiding dietary extremes is especially important for people who have shown addictive behavior patterns. Severely restricting food choices can heighten people’s cravings for other substances – including drugs. People who complete drug rehab programs must practice moderation in all areas of life, and eating habits are no exception.

Colorful Foods for Health and Longevity

One of the best ways for addicts to avoid disease and stay healthy enough to fight cravings is to eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and other essential micronutrients. However, eating the same fruits and vegetables every day is not enough. The body needs a large variety of nutrients which can only be obtained by eating a colorful variety of plant-based foods. Rehab patients should eat a diverse and ever-changing array of fresh produce, whole grains, and legumes.

Whole Grains for Good Moods

Carbohydrates can have an astounding impact on moods and energy levels. Most people eat far too much sugar and refined starch – substances which create dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar levels and lead to crashes, exhaustion, and irritableness. To stay positive and level-headed, addicts should avoid breads, pastas, and sweets in favor of whole grains. The complex carbohydrates in foods like oats and rice are conducive to sustained energy and even temperaments.

Boost Brain Function with Fish Oil

Research has shown time and again that Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for healthy hormone levels and proper brain functioning. A proper bodily chemical balance is crucial for avoiding stress-induced cravings, so addicts need to be sure to get plenty of these essential fats. However, they can be difficult to obtain from food alone. To ensure proper Omega-3 intake, drug rehab patients should supplement their diets with a quality fish oil supplement.

Focus on Flavor

Great nutrition doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Taking pleasure in food is essential for maintaining good eating habits in the long term, so addicts should make sure to enjoy the healthy foods they eat. A few basic cooking skills and a well-stocked spice rack can provide even the humblest of cooks with an infinite variety of delicious dishes.

The url for my source is no longer good.
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Hydros is short for hydrocodone. The OP is asking about narcotic withdrawal.
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