Your Passion

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Your Passion

I've heard it said before that in order to find your passion in life, if you haven't already, is to think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do, or dreamed you could be? For me, this was a no-brainer. I knew what my passion was early on. I mean, I there were short time periods where I fancied being a NASA space technician or a nurse because I loved space and caretaking...until I realized I was awful at math and couldn't deal with vomit. But I come from a family of artists and it definitely didn't skip my gene. Some of my most treasured childhood memories are of visiting fabric shops with my Eastern European grandmother (who was a seamstress), becoming immersed in the colors and textures, watching her do the same, and feeling that sense of "someone else gets it".
For the past 30 years, I know I've never felt more complete or content as I do when I'm creating. As to whether I can manage to pay the bills via my passion...that's another story. Let's just say it's a goal. But the important thing is that I find time for it, and I do it. I do it because I love it. Don't get me wrong, I certainly go thru periods where I feel drained and have not an ounce of creative energy in me, let alone energy to get thru the day...but I always come back to it and feel renewed and refreshed once I'm ready to dive in again.
I've been thinking about this partly because of the "finding your life's purpose thread" and it got me wondering. Have others had similar experiences where you always knew your passion? If not when did you discover it? Were you able to make it into a career or a regular hobby? I'm genuinely curious as I feel it does play into the recovery process. If this doesn't belong here Admin feel free to move it.
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As a kid I always about becoming a journalist and traveling the world as a news correspondent.
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I've always been a 'helper' but my passion is music.

I'm eternally grateful that music survived my addiction... and helped me survive too

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I've always been a designer, with interests ranging from architecture to automotive design. It's always happened naturally for me, and I've never had any trouble falling into another design/build-type project. I have access to a woodworking shop, and I've put together a lot of stuff over the years. Being able to create something tangible is a nice change from my day job, which is in graphic design and done entirely via computer.
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