Sober Party

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Sober Party

I feel as if I hit a major milestone in my sobriety this weekend. Not only did I make it through the entire weekend sober, but I also hosted a pretty big birthday party for my son. For me, such an event brings on what can only be described as irrational, inescapable anxiety. On such an occasion, I would typically drink myself into being social and ignoring that crumb on the floor or speck of dust on the counter. (I'm a bit obsessive over the cleanliness of my home, especially when the point where it's a running joke among family and friends.)

NOT this year. I was a sober hostess. I baked and decorated cupcakes, laid out decorations, supervised the bounce house, socialized, and so on. And I enjoyed every minute!!! Sure, I had engaged in some of my old anxious habits, but I did not drink. After 2 weeks of sobriety, my anxiety medications actually stood a chance at doing their job.

The party lasted into the night with friends staying around to play cards and enjoy each other's company. Some of them were drinking, some of them were not. It was hard, very hard, but I abstained and had genuine fun.

The best part? I woke up Sunday morning without a hangover, without shame or embarrassment, and with a complete memory of the awesome day that was my son's 6th birthday party.

Perhaps it's true what people say. Life really is better sober.
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What a great story, thank you for sharing!
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That's wonderful MetalRose 💜 and I bet your son had a fab time too x
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Awesome big Congrats! Keep up the great work !!!
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Well done, MetalRose! Sobriety is indeed better.
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way to go metalrose - sounds like a good weekend for you both

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