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i didn't start it again for this reason, i had 24 days sober and i went to a family thing and had a few drinks and now i'm drinking vodka but i'm noticing an effect on my pain. not for the first time either, i'm on a lot of gabapentin and naproxen for back pain but doesn't seem to be good enough for breakthrough pain but alcohol is, why?
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Hi owl, I'm sorry to hear about your back pain and that you drank at your family event

Sure, in the very short term alcohol.can numb you. Alcohol is a also Neurotoxin. It is literally poison for nerve cells. Long term, it can neuropathy, pain cause by permamt nerve damage along with all the other risks of drinking.

What can you do to stop drinking and get back into your groove of 24 days?

My wife tried that med btw, but couldn't deal with side effects. She's curremtly doing epidural steroid injctions. Only your doctor can helo find something that works for you. Booze isn't it
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I think part of it is we expect an effect - it's at least partly psychosomatic IMO.

I found that alcohol got less and less effective tho the more years I used it.

I ended up with no effect no matter how much I drank, no other pain relief alternative and a shedload of other problems from the way I was drinking.

I'm not calling you a fool, but I think drinking over pain is a fools gambit - there are more effective and less self destructive means of coping with chronic pain.

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