I made 90 days

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I made 90 days

So yesterday was my 90th day without touching alcohol and to be honest, I don't really know what to say about it. I've debated whether to make a thread about it, but I thought I should as I need to acknowledge that I have done something good for myself.

Stopping drinking has been a really good thing for me. My work is good, I'm in the best physical shape I have ever been and I've more energy than ever. However, not numbing myself with alcohol has made me realise why I was doing it. I didn't realise how depressed I was, how crippling my anxiety was and just other varying levels of self loathing. I definitely drank to hide away from my feelings and now that I can feel them everyday it is a battle to improve and get over them. Being owned by insecurity is a horrible thing but getting over that is a very enlightening experience. I'm both happy that I am where I am and very sad that I was what I was. But I guess I needed to go through that to be at this point today etc, etc. Everything feels very philosophical now, lol.

I just want to thank everybody here. Just reading your posts or getting a nice comment or advice from someone has been a big help. If I hadn't have joined here I honestly don't know if I would have come this far.

Thank you.
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Brilliant. Well done, Foley. I am on 50 days today. I dream of being where you are.
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Brilliant post FoleyUK and huge congrats on 90 days! Keep doing what you're doing.... you don't have to be owned by insecurity anymore. You deserve to feel very proud
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Well done! Good goin'! Great job!
You are an inspiration to us all! Keep it going strong...I look forward to your double digit "100th Day Sober" thread.
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Congratulations on your 90 days.
A true accomplishment.

I understand having anxiety.
For I also ran to the bottle.
Today there is no false escape.
Facing the world head-on.
Not always easy.
better than drunk.

A doctor may be of some help?

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Thanks foley 🙏 90 days is a wonderful achievement.
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