New Here, Hello everyone.

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New Here, Hello everyone.

I'm new to this but Im trying to educate myself on this whole new world, Addicition and co-dependent.

I have fallen in-love with a man that says that he is a casually uses cocaine and possibly crack. I have been reading threads and researching behaviors of addicts, and it seems as though he maybe addicted. I'm here for support and to a better understanding of this mystery world that I know so little about.

I have witnessed alot of the behaviors that just donot understand.
He disappears for weeks at a time other times he will be around me for days on end. He tells me he has seizures and is being treated from them, often times he will leave me when we are out and then come back.
As I read more and more it seems as though he is now using way more than he claims to be. I'm so lost because he is a wonderful person. But I am confused of whether I should just leave or stay.

I'm glad to have found this group and looking forward to any suggestions, feedback and information.

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What is a casual cocaine user?

Did he say he was a user, casually? Or did he say he only uses cocaine in a casual manner ?

Does a distinction make a difference ?
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I would run.

Just me.

I've been around enough addicts (divorced from one) that I'm not willing to play around with that kind of misery any more ever again.

You can't fix him. He may be sweet, but he's an addict most likely - and it will get worse, not better. If your gut tells you something, listen.
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Hi and welcome purple princess

you sound like a nice person - I think you deserve better than someone who disappears for weeks on end.

I was a wonderful guy too...sometimes - but I had another love - in my case booze - and there's no room for three in a healthy good relationship.

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