Hello Everybody

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Hello Everybody

I just joined today.. I have drank for a long time. Two bottles of wine a day. I never experienced blackouts, hangovers or anything to make me regret drinking. I'm two days sober only because after recent blood work, my liver enzymes were elevated. I told my doctor an untruth saying I only drink 2 glasses of wine per day. I was ashamed of myself. She advised me to abstain from alcohol for 2 weeks and then return for another blood test.

I'm two days sober with no ill effects just a craving for the Chardonnay. I want to quit completely. I'm having a hard time what to do by not drinking. So I joined this forum to see how everyone is handling sobriety. Thanks for the friendship
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Welcome, Lee!

Congratulations on 2 days of sobriety. We have lots of ideas on things to do: (Looking For Something To Do?)
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Discontinuing for your health sounds like a great idea! Even though you may not have experienced blackouts or hangovers doesn't mean there is no alcoholic tendency. I try not to label people, but you are here for a reason, to quit drinking!

AA has helped a lot of people, being honest with yourself is going to be KEY. If you don't think you are an alcoholic, that will not work for you.

Instead of drinking, find another sober hobby. Reading, cleaning, yoga, etc... FInd something in these early days to keep you busy, physically and mentally. I found my first week I was on here A LOT!!! Reading other peoples stories and posting my own struggles. Being honest with myself and to others.
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Like DreamCatcher said, being honest with yourself is the only way to start your recovery. It was really hard for me to admit I was a really awful person for a long time. Nobody wants to admit that about themselves and it's really easy to blame others. Focusing on what about drinking is making your life less desirable then it should be can be your motivator. For you, it appears your health is taking a dip because of it.

Who besides you in effected by your health? Family? Friends? People who count on you? Addiction isn't a selfless disease, your choices and behaviors also negatively impact others. This feeling is also what brought me to sobriety, I'm tired of hurting the people I care about.

Good luck, and use this place for support. I come here every day, it's part of my routine. It holds me accountable and a fresh morning reminder of the positive in my life.
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Welcome Lee

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