Let it Be

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Let it Be

A very wise man passed this on to me yesterday and is so profoundly true I needed to post .

"someone once said something very wise to me - what if you're right where you need to be right now? "

"I see the rest of my life as a journey of self discovery and improvement, but where I am today - warts and all - is not so bad "

Thank you Dee .

Is the my new paradigm ?

In my quest to look for things that are missing ,changing what I think is wrong with the world (like advertising) .Blaming myself for things outwith of my control ( Son in jail ) . Complaining about the Autumn leaves piling up around my car ,complaining that I cant sit outside with my tea as its to cold , wet, windy .
Worrying that i,m getting old , worrying what can go wrong with my health ,my wife's ,sons daughters health .
Will I win my personal injury claim ? what if I don't ,what if I struggle financially now that i,m retired and didn't save for it........ On and on the chatter goos never shutting up ,looking for answers ,wanting to fix what can't be fixed , it can't be fixed cause it aint broken .

Acceptance of what is is .

I accept I don't want alcohol ever again .
I accept not just that i,m an alcoholic but that if I drink alcohol it will destroy me ,this is the truth .
Now that I fully accept this truth everything else is just fine ( as the wise man above who told me )

Miracles happen and for me this realisation is my miracle . I feel a calmness such that I have,t felt for a long long time .

I can never thank SR enough .
Whether we are sober 1 day or 20 years doesn't matter , we are here together attempting to live a life free of alcohol and drugs.

Love to all
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I hope you continue to feel the calm and the joy of sobriety for many many years !
Beautiful country Scotland !
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