Force myself back to work?

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Force myself back to work?

I am feeling so lousy on this day 2....again. I don't remember the yucky feelings lasting this long. I struggled to go to the store to buy soup, but I can't stand sitting at home staring at the TV and computer any more.

Should I force myself back to work in the morning, and hope for the best? It would involve seeing many people in public, and talking for a few hours.

When do you just buck up and push through the pain (physical and emotional)?
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Only you can decide that - you sound pretty ill tho?

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Maybe not back to work yet but focus on something else.
Maybe give yourself a goal every day. Like go for a walk, fix something around the house, cook lunch for a friend. But don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
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I was able to work for 3 hours this's a small step. I'm still sober, and that's a big step.

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Be sure you're getting plenty of water, multivitamins, sleep, etc., Dehydration and lack of sleep are things you need to address early on.
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Well done Wild Flower. Take it slowly. The worst will be over soon.
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