Breaking up with an alcoholic whose parents where alcoholics

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Breaking up with an alcoholic whose parents where alcoholics

I've pretty much messed up going through this break up...

I don't feel like writing a background, because things are looking up in me having a good life again.

The thing I am struggling with at the moment:
We broke up. He started limiting his text. I didn't want to. He once said he will block me if I say he doesn't need that-****. So I said that addictions will never be right so that he will block me and I can stop sending him messages and feeling bad because I couldn't stop.

I've sent him 9 emails. One very long one. I wanted to talk it through so I can feel I can let go. Then during the last few I've started reading on adults that had alcoholic parents. I now understand that I could never talk to him, because he can't talk. It is his way of control and when we were in a long distance relationship, this was why it didn't work. He also just suddenly out of the blue started to insult and hurt me... Even if he wanted to break-up I really don't see why he needed be so insensitive and the things he said didn't even make sense. I haven't felt like sending him anything today. Feels better now that I'm reading about things. Just afraid that that I finally feel good and that things are finally making sense, won't hold. I don't even know if I want to stay away from him.

I also think there's something wrong with me sending him 9 emails...
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Hi Hazels,

The friends and family forum might be more help.
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Hi Hazel! Take a look at our friends and family forum for similar perspective on being involved with an alcoholic. Lots of good insight.
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He was nasty, insulting and cold to you.

Do his "reasons" really matter?

He's doing you a favor, although it doesn't feel like it now. Take him at his words and stop contacting're far better off.

Sending you a hug.
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And, please know, you are always welcome to post here in the Newcomers Forum anytime.
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