Popping in to Say hello

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Popping in to Say hello

Hi everyone. I just wanted to pop in say hello. I haven't been here in awhile. I know a lot of people come and go from this site (there was a recent mention of the one and done posters) Anyway, today I have 298 days sober, and my life is so much better. I say this not to boast but to give newcomers the hope that it is possible. I thought it was too hard many times. Drinking is just what I do, my friends drink, my spouse drinks, how will I explain it to people, how will I get through xyz event without booze. IT GETS EASIER with time l, it really does. You have to go through the hard stuff to get there. Some friends will fall away. BUT it is so much better. Never having a hangover. The amount of money saved. My life feels so full now with travel plans and outdoor activities at home. I am so grateful that my spouse quit with me as I'm not sure my marriage or sobriety would have survived if we didnt do this together. I will try to check in and post now and again. Nice to see some familiar faces and new ones as well. I hope everyone here is well and wish the newcomers all the best. It is possible and it is so much better on the sober side of the road
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It's great to hear from you, Oakleaf. Congrats on your fabulous 298 sober days. Thanks for an uplifting & encouraging post. I'm sure many will benefit from reading about your triumph.
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wow congratulations oakleaf

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That's so great to hear!

My god, yes. It is so much better. we don't have to do that stuff, feel that way, deal with the consequences...

I remember you. glad you're doing well!!!
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I 💓 posts like this!!
Thank you!
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Nice to see you back, glad things are well.
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Thank you everyone
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