New here and not sure how this works

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New here and not sure how this works

Hi all!
I've been tapering from butalbital with codeine for over a month now.
I started at 6 pills a day for about 3 years.
I'm now at 3-4 (4 being the max dose) a day. I have chronic pain from an assault back in 2003. I've tried everything and was even on Methadone for about 4 years. Methadone was awful and finally I paid for rapid detox. I was in horrid pain for a few years after the detox and yet didn't want to take anything with opiates because I was scared. I started taking butalbital when I found that I "needed" something.
It seems to be going well tapering but last week I started having horrible anger issues.
I'm just so mad ALL the time. Of course I have some other life stressors but this anger is really scary.
I'm not violent but just specifically awful to my husband. I don't know what to do. I will continue to taper but I wonder if I can go down faster?
I'm worried about the withdrawal but it's not going to be like Methadone so I'm not scared.
I'm also thinking about it non stop. Obviously I'm addicted and have that switch flipped again. I feel depressed and just want to enjoy my life without pills.
For the record, I'm not taking more than I should and never have (even though I've thought about it).
I've been doing everything my pain doctor advises me to do like yoga, walking my dogs, and some kickboxing.
I would like to maybe take 2 a day starting Thursday then jump to 1 a day for 3 days then 1 ever other day for a week then done.
Any thoughts on this? Thanks so much for taking the time to read and/or respond!
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I have no relevant experience, and I'm sorry you're feeling so much anger. Is it possible to try to deal with anger as you taper? Maybe you could punch some pillows or go for a walk/run? I'm glad you're working on living a sober life.
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Hi armsla

I have no specific experience with codeine withdrawal either but I think its far to say anger is a part of a lot of our withdrawal experience.

I felt crappy, and tired and angry - angry at the world, angry at others. but most of all angry at myself... and that caused me to lash out more than once.

The good thing is, if you're angry and you recognise you are, you can do somethign about it.

A gratitude journal was good for me. I forced myself to find things to be grateful for. I started off wanting to throw the book across the room...but things got better the more I wrote

Good luck with the rest of your taper - and welcome
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