Popping back with an observation about cravings

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Popping back with an observation about cravings

A couple days ago, I was driving along in the late afternoon and, out of the blue, had a pretty strong craving for a drink.

I looked at the time, because I knew if I timed it, it probably wouldn't last long. It was definitely that time of day when they happen the most. So I recognized that. This time I also tried something, in addition.

Instead of lingering on the thought of a big glass of white wine, and risking "missing" it, I started imagining in great detail a delicious cup of hot Earl Gray tea, adding cream and stirring it .. picking up the lovely scent of the leaves and the bergamot. Then adding in along with it the unwrapping of a Hershey choclate bar with almonds, how it would taste, how the tea would smell and warm me, the creamy, deliciousness of the chocolate.

It really worked! To derail and override the other craving.

I know to some this may seem lame. .. oh yeah, how could tea and chocolate be as "fun" as wine, but we all know the kind of "fun" that actually comes from wine, when we play it out (drinking a whole bottle, passing out, feeling sick) and think about it beyond that first sip.

Just sharing .. and thought it would help me, too, to write it out!
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awesome tealily - thanks for sharing

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Always good to hear from you Tealily. Stay strong!
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Originally Posted by tealily View Post
It really worked! To derail and override the other craving.
I had a similar experience many years ago when I was in early recovery. One of my wife's best friends lost a terrible battle with cancer. A month later, her husband hosted a "celebrate life" memorial for her - at their favorite winery.

That Sunday, I went for a walk early on and the first thing that came to my mind was: coffee. Strong coffee. I spent the next hour of my walk and then the drive to the memorial just thinking about coffee.

When we arrived at the winery, I was asked if I wanted red, or white? I asked if they had coffee? Sure. I think I drank 5 or 6 cups, but the thought of drinking wine never entered my mind.

Yep, mind over matter.
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