Is your worth the cause of your drinking?

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Is your worth the cause of your drinking?

Any suggestions to help me fix my low self worth? It's the main reason to my drinking problem.

Basically I hate myself, I always have .

What's frustrating is that no matter how I try or what I tried it doesn't seem to stop this feeling of extreme inferiority which I compensate with my ego and feeling off superiority.

Basically I have zero friendships because I'm become quite Anti social, because iam sensitive to the Judgment of my personality which has always being weird and loud. And I have burned many bridges. I've been quite selfish and nasty to a few people in my life that's for sure, I'm very Reckless of other people's feelings.

27, male and slowly turning into not a very nice person becoming one of those people that are just really angry at the world because they're angry at themselves.

Btw my parents are both functionig deep alcoholics, so my genes are against me there.

I really need to find some inner peace don't know what it is in my personality, why am I so anxious and self destructive? Am I destined to feel like an absolute bottom feeder for the rest of my life? And always find friendship in the bottle because it makes me forget about my low self worth.

Be nice to hear some success stories on how people basically changed their personalities and found inner peace.

Thank you for reading.
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I felt like a loser when I was drinking. I do not feel like a loser now. I feel better than I have in a very long time and I have a lot of self-pride now. Just a little over a year not drinking. It has made a huge difference.
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I would suggest to look into seeing a therapist, many times mental health issues and alcoholism go hand in hand.
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I was a chronic relapser.....25 years later I worked the 12 steps with all the earnestness I could muster....for the first time in my life I was and still am comfortable in my own skin. I worked those steps 6 years ago and counting!

Low self-esteem, well, I worked with my sponsor on those steps and while learning to live sober, my self-esteem is okay. Amazing.

Find what works for you, I mean, try everything!
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Hi Renvate. When I was still drinking, I thought that I drank because I had low self-esteem, was depressed, and was angry & frustrated with people around me. I thought if I didn't have those problems, I wouldn't drink.

After I quit and got some sober time, I realized I had it completely backwards. I was depressed, angry, and felt bad about myself, because I drank too much. Once I quit drinking and got some good sober time in, many of those issues disappeared. Some problems didn't just disappear, but I had the clarity of mind to work on improving them, and they improved.

I really believe we can be the people we want to be, and build the life we want, and putting the booze down for good will make that possible.
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