Social Media reminders (FB memory feature) and other musings

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Social Media reminders (FB memory feature) and other musings


I keep the FB memory thing on because there are lots of cute pics of the kids and good memories.

But, I'll admit, the minute it comes up, I have to look at the date. If it's one year ago, it's ok. If it's five, then it's probably still fine. If it's anything in-between, it's in my heavy abuse days, and it's usually a post that makes me cringe because even though the picture is usually not of me, it IS in areas that, without a doubt, were my drunken abodes. My homes, bus stops, etc. Yuck.

The posts without pictures are even worse. Even though I managed to be articulate, the long, bloated, bragging, pontificating about nothing, etc. makes me sick. I can't even read them and no, I didn't delete the next day as I thought that would be obvious.

Oh, and then to make matters worse, while cleaning, I found my hospital papers. Nearly dead. They had to consult with poison control. the hospital???!!!! I was so bad that they needed to call a company that deals with people swallowing draino and I did all that WILLINGLY.

Please stop now if you are on the fence.
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Such reminders can work in different ways. They can provoke shame, guilt, embarrassment and sometimes even some nostalgia. They can also be excellent relapse prevention tools. A reminder of how bad things were and how bad things could be again.

Speaking for myself only, I've many such reminders myself and yes, at times they make me cringe but they are really useful reminders of my alcoholism. I'm actually glad they exist.
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