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Anyone Else

Greetings & Salutations!

About me 42yo who is trying to quit drinking. I have drank 3 days in the last 30. I used to drink everyday and am hoping to be completely alcohol free soon!

Since I have (slowed down) I have been suffering from massive anxiety, I sometimes have been having weird sensations in my body. Namely my chest cavity. I had an ultrasound last Sept 20th and everything checked out. My labs checked out too and I was drinking liquor like crazy!

Examples: Sometimes I will feel a tingling I guess where my pancreas / spleen is. Not pain / not pressure. Just tingling. Then I also feel weird sensations all through my torso and stomach. Just weird feelings like my organs are moving. This all happens intermittingly, not all the time. I have no pains or discomfort / weird sensations when doing exercise such as sit-ups, side straddle hops etc.

Has anyone noticed weird sensations or are these maybe things you did not notice because you were drinking? I meet with my PCP Oct 10th but until then anything from ya'll would be appreciated.

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Welcome , you came to a great place if you want to quit drinking . Since you say youve been checked out by health professionals I would give your body time to recover from "drinking liquor like crazy " .

Good luck
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Hi & Welcome Trickster

I haven't noticed any weird sensations and I am glad you are seeing your doctor about it. Always best to be on the safe side.
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I got all kinds of weird responses from when I quit drinking and I also got the all clear from my doctor (at least for anything serious), I got muscle twitches, I ached in all sorts of random places, I was exhausted for weeks, I had crazy nightmares. So, yeah, I think your body can do a whole bunch of strange things while getting sober. If you're worried though, go see the doctor and explain how you're feeling, all it can give you is greater peace of mind after all.
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Trickster1 its great that you cut down to 3 days in 30 and now want to quit altogether ,that,s progress . On this site you will find that total abstinance is the only supported option .

After bad binges I suffered horribly with extreme anxiety symptoms including, tingling face/scalp ,fingers . I had sensations of cobwebs on my face or cold water running down my back or leg . digestive system was all over the place for weeks , heavy weird feelings in random places ,thats not counting the mental anguish like a deep sense of fear and doom , everyone is different though . As suggested above if your worried please go back to your Doc.
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Hi and welcoem Trickster
Let us know what your Dr says

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