A New Sober Life

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A New Sober Life

Id like to share some of my story relating to the effects of alcohol addiction in the hopes it can help others.
I grew up an only child with a mentally and physically abusive father. Nothing I said or did was ever good enough, I felt, and more so, chastized and routinely criticized. The messages about myself I grew up with thinking are that I wasn't good enough, stupid, and/or a peice of crap. I realized as a child that I would rather be alone than with others andrisk any mal judgement.
In my early teens I discovered alcohol and soon became dependent on it as a way to numb any mental anguish I felt and also as a way for me to feel more comfortable with myself socially. I liked the way alcohol made me feel. My reliance on alcohol continued on through my teenage years, early and middle adulthood life. What I thought was a good remedy to my low self image and social anxiety issues soon turned to the path to destruction.
My choice to turn to alcohol cost me numerous arguments with others that led to my losing significant relationships in my life. It cost me legally with getting in trouble for public intoxication and a DUI charge. It cost me totaling 2 cars in car accidents I caused. It cost me mental health as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks increased in addition to increased guilt and shame. It cost my my job, a career I had worked hard for. Lastly, it cost me my children as my ex-husband took custody of them because i put them in unsafe conditions. All lost because I chose to drink alcohol. Something that could have been avoided.
Id like to summarize by saying that alcohol use is clearly not the answer to ease comfort, numb pain, cope with social anxiety, or life in general. There are other, healthier remedies such as first and foremost asking for help. I did and it brought me to the Narconon drug/alcohol rehab facility. It gave me a new lease on life.
Even though nobody knows what the future will hold, I feel going through the Narconon program has helped me to take back control in life, develop a plan to avoid triggers to use, and move forward day by day with a routine to maximize self-esteem, productivity, and a more healthier, constructive life.
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