Nearly caved in

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Nearly caved in

I very nearly caved in today. :-( I know if I had bought a bottle if wine, I'd probably be finished it by now and looking for more. Classic binge drinker.
It saddens me to think that this is my reality - that I can't drink normally.
It's only my first sober weekend. ..will it always be this hard?
Netflix and coke zero it is!
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It's not always going to be like that,BUT you will need to be forever vigilant against the 'whisper' of your brain saying;"what's one going to hurt?"..."They're doing it..",ect...hang in there! it gets better.
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Well done for not giving in and not buying. It does get easier and you won't always feel like this. Keeping busy is something I have to do, it makes me tired and takes my mind off the thought of drinking.
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Thank you.
I'm at a friend's place and we are just chilling out and watching tv. She is very supportive. :-)
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Congrats on this being your first sober weekend my experience it will get easier x
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Way to hang in there. I too was a wine binge drinker. It does get better as time goes on. What other interests do you have to invest your time and attention to?
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Yea those sneaky cravings can sneak up on you out of nowhere. One minute you feel fine and the suddenly you start thinking about a drink. Way to stick it out.
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Thanks for the support!
I guess I need to find hobbies to occupy my spare time. I'd love to get really fit but quite often I lack motivation. I've joined a gym so I guess I should put it to good use.
At the moment I spend time reading and socialising with friends. ( without alcohol!)
I feel like I'm tired a lot of the time at the moment so I'm usually in bed really early. Least I'm not tempted to go to bars if I'm tired!
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My first Sober weekend sounded about the same, but after a while you'll start to do things on your weekends, it's not all about sitting indoors for the rest of your life, so there will be a point when you'll look forward to your weekends again, new activities, new interests away from alcohol, and with them for me came new people.

There's a whole wide world out there, and the universe does not revolve around alcohol!!
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Again, I think you're doing great. You are spending time with a supportive friend, you've joined a gym and you are starting to deal with sitting with the feelings and learning how strong you really are.
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My first sober weekend too. And I'm sitting around watching TV and drinking Coke zero, small world isn't it. I'm fine today but yesterday was tough, I was at work Friday beginning of a long holiday weekend. Everyone at work was discussing their plans what they were going to drink etc. I just kept quiet they don't know I quit Monday. I have a reputation of being the heaviest drinker there. Something I was once proud of and bragged about even though my health and relationship with my family was nothing to be proud of. But anyway it's now Saturday and I haven't drank yet and I am determined not to do so. And that is really something I am proud of , good luck to you.
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Originally Posted by misscostalot View Post
It saddens me to think that this is my reality - that I can't drink normally.
why does it sadden you?
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