Table association

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Table association

For the first time in a month I felt a twinge of "poor me" .

In the spring I bought a carpenters hand made garden table and created a beautiful space for us all to enjoy , very private with an abundance of flowers and ornaments . So table and chiairs in place and flowers shrubs planted up we were set . I love this area I feel cosy and proud that I created it but it was also my favourite boozing area while the table was never fully set if I didnt have a beer sitting on it . Anyway this on and off dinking went on until I came back here 1st Aug as I knew bigger more dangerous drinking was very close to happening . OK... jumping forwaard to 31st Aug 1 month sober , nice day outside my son ,wife daughter ,sister in-law decided on some beers/ciders/malibu etc ..... I had actually fallen asleep as I had a rough night the previous night sleep wise and it was when I woke up I looked down from our back window and saw the drinks on the table ,my special table .
For about a minute I felt sad that I wasnt having my beer ,it just seemed right ,sunny day with family .
This was only a thought I told myself NO NO NO i,m not going down that thinking route .
I turned on the oven threw in a big garlic flatbread , fried some crispy bacon ,chopped a cheese selection , side salad , baby tomatoes , crackers ,chips natchos and made a couple of dips .
I set all this on a wooden serving tray grabbed a bottle of coconut water and walked to the table saying here you go , tuck in .

Everyone was delighted I was even more delighted .
I spent about 3 hours with them with my renewed attitude of " no matter what I am not drinking " whats more I have a much beter acceptance of that now .
I know i,ts early days and iv'e said similar before but this time ive had enough of being ill through drinking alcohol .

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Nice 1

Well done Thomas, you identified the the negative thinking got busy and got out of that head space quickly, it's easy sit there feeling sorry for ourselves in those situations, you did good man ,
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It sounds like a lovely space, thomas, and one that you can enjoy sober.
As I moved further and further away from drinking, such moments of grace, as you described, have become quite common.
Life is good.
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