Took online alcohol screening Quizzes

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are you comparing the amount drank?
or the underlying issues many alcoholics/problem drinkers have in common- problems that alcohol is a perceived solution for?

alcoholism and problem drinking isnt about how much is drank- its about why its drank.
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I know that studies say that moderate alcohol consumption can have health benefits, but the potential for problems far outweigh any benefits in my mind. Russian roulette is not harmful until you click on the chamber with the bullet. You can't reset or get a do over at that point. In my opinion the primary purpose of alcohol is to alter a person's reality. Why is it necessary to do that?
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Why did you feel the need to take online quizzes? Is something going on that has you concerned. Your drinking doesn't sound like a lot to me but it does put you in the upper 30th percentile.

I started abusing alcohol in my 30s. Before that I had a shut off switch where I would start to feel gross and dizzy at about 3 drinks. If I went beyond 3 I would throw it up. After that I broke that off switch and wouldn't get sick. I started to notice "cravings" once I started drinking. It didn't happen every time I drank at first but toward the end it was. If you've EVER noticed yourself wanting the 2 or 3 or 4th beer more than the first I would tap out now before it gets worse.
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Most people drink less as they get older scientifically it's called 'maturing out'
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