Back again

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Back again

I posted here last month and was going along at a pretty nice clip but then got derailed. Not sure why or how other than I just thought that I felt pretty good and could handle it.
I've read in these posts that you had one drink and 2 months later you realize that you have done nothing but drink, endanger people and pretty much wake up every day looking forward to a drink. I never thought of me being one of those guys, but I did just that. To the point where I was buying booze the day before for the next morning's drink as the stores weren't open yet. This scared me to say the least.

The biggest problem I have is I feel horrible today after a 3 day bender but come Friday I'll feel back to normal and this feeling I currently have will be forgotten. Obviously I need to wake up as I have a lot of responsibility with job and family but, as they say in these rooms, this a very sneaky disease that just kind of works it's way into your life and will not let go. Even the smallest let down or slip up can and will lead to a spiral that builds and builds.

Not sure if I'm just feeling guilty for driving around drinking or am really hungover or a little of both but I need to someone how remember how I feel now so I can avoid this in the future.

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AV is a demon. It will rob you of all the good in your life. It is never too late to get up and go at this again! We have all failed on one level or another with sobriety. You are in a good place here with very supportive people. Start have nothing to lose! Good luck and stay positive!
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Originally Posted by JADIII View Post
The biggest problem I have is I feel horrible today after a 3 day bender but come Friday I'll feel back to normal and this feeling I currently have will be forgotten.
I recognize this cycle. It's called "quitting drinking until I feel better."

That's not sobriety. That's not recovery. It's just drinking.

If you are determined to quit, have vowed to get sober and remain sober, then it shouldn't matter if you feel good enough to drink come Friday. Your resolve must remain steadfast. You can't just "forget" that you've quit drinking.

You probably need more support than you have. How about posting here daily? Multiple times daily, until you can attain a foundation of sobriety.
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I'm glad you're back.

I think it's important to remember that there is more involved in recovery than stopping drinking. I needed to make lifestyle changes to support my recovery. It might be an idea to come back and read this thread when you feel better and think you might drink again.
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