Starting over, and feeling good.

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Starting over, and feeling good.

Hello everyone, my name is Tony and Im 36 yrs old. I have posted on here a few times and I check in often to read up on posts. I have been a hard beer drinker the last 10-12 yrs. If I have 1 I want 15. And on occations I can put down a case. Well heres my story. I lost my fianca just over a year ago. It wasent the first time she left me. And it is do to the drinking. We have been engaged twice, once wedding planns made and invitations ready to be sent. I came home to an empty house a couple weeks later. We started building a new house this last time, where my small existing house was. Adding on and rebuilding the old, Other than that its a brand new house. This last time she left me while building it. And i dont blame her cause of the person I was when drinking. Now last fall I bought a business from my dad and uncle. It has been going well and its been a good busy year. But I have been showing up late on Thursdays due to playing golf on wednesday night. And thats not me, yes I know I own the company but its still not right.
So I was late again last thursday. And well I guess I finally had enough of the embaressment and sick feeling of showing up late. And not to mention how sick I really felt for drinking so much. Its always been beer in my life but now I started getting on whiskey. (Not good) I black out after so many beers or how ever drunk I get and can't remember a dam thing!
So last thusrday I said its enough and I gotta change. I went to a group meeting on friday. I have attended these before. 2 years ago and I was 7 months sober, that is why my ex came back and we started building cause she thought I was good. Well I slipped and got lost again. I am not doing this for her, but myself and if she comes around its a bonus. I do still love her very much and I still have the 9k engagment ring. Oh and another reason to get sober is I have a 40 mile mtn bike race in 3 wks! But that is not the important issue here.
So I hope to get the help and support that I need. And I want this journey to continue in life. Im tired of living this death wish life.

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welcome Tony - glad to have you aboard

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Glad you are here Tony! Be here, read, learn, and stay sober! Obviously you know what it takes, so I look forward to seeing you here!
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Welcome back,Tony. Keep up with the meetings as much as possible and post here,as you know. I've thought about selling off all of my investments and moving across the globe if that's what it takes 'this time'.
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Sounds like you have some good reasons to sober up. Going to meetings and finding support is a good start. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.
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Hi Tony, welcome aboard.
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Welcome back Tony! I have found this site to be the biggest support in my recovery.
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