I LOVE being sober!!!!

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I LOVE being sober!!!!

Well today I've had a great day with some good news!

After being sober for a wee while, I decided that my current job isn't really beneficial for my long term goals. I guess I was just used to it.

So I applied for a couple of much better paid jobs not really expecting much. I had my first interview today and was offered the job! Double the salary I'm on now, plus bonuses, company car etc. To say I'm delighted is an understatement! I really did not expect to get it.

Just goes to show how much alcohol and the negative thinking that comes with drinking can hold you back!

As many on here have said many times - I wish I'd done this years ago.

Keep at it everyone!
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Wow! Well done!
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This is amazing and it's something that I dream of....congrats. i am early in recovery but i want my life to become 46 here
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Well done !!!!
Congratulations. 😊😊😊
Gives me great hope about changing things in my life.
Xxx Pebbles xx
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What an uplifting post! Congratulations!!

When we all are first quitting drinking, we are so very worried about "giving up" alcohol. "Oh poor me."

But actually we have been by default "giving up" all kinds of other, so much more important things: Like career advancement, strong relationships, respect of our children, good health and energy, time to be creative or outdoorsy, not to mention money and out and out joy and peace. Crazy the way we can have such a warped view. It's the AV, telling lies.

Your post today is such a great reminder! You aren't giving up anything that's actually worthwhile; you are GAINING in spades!

So happy for you!
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It's awesome when those words "wait for the miracle to happen" come to fruition so quickly. Waking up feeling good never gets old.
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Brilliant well done
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Thats Super!! Well done!!
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Thanks everyone. 😀😀😀

It's amazing just how much difference a few months sober can make. I never thought when I decided to quit for good, that things could change so dramatically, so quickly. I was literally aiming for getting a week sober behind me and then taking it from there.

Obviously things aren't perfect yet and it probably will be a long time before they are, but today is most definitely a massive step in the right direction. It's really cemented the fact in my head now that quitting drinking was 100% the right choice.

Thanks again everyone - you've got this!!
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Learning to live again
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Wonderful news, Tidy. I drank my whole life & never realized how much I was holding myself down. I never matured or grew the way I should have. I'm happy you've made these exciting changes in your life.
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Holy wow, that's amazing! Good for you!!!
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Fantastic news for you. Now plan a sober celebration. It is amazing how success can trigger...........well, you know what.
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Great post. That was my experience too. My income has doubled since I got sober and became more productive.
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Congratulations TidyTemper
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Awesome post!!!

So true in all your have shared as to what a difference it makes!

I love it too!!!
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You've inspired me to update my resumé
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