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Were you a daily drinker or every other day? #2

Old 07-24-2018, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
I started out not drinking at all. Then I started becoming a weekend drinker.

That gradually got pushed back to starting on Thursday nights, then Wednesday...then I was drinking every night, then every day and finally around the clock.

I look back now and I see I was an alcoholic through all those phases.
My experience exactly
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saoutchik (07-26-2018)
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Over the last few years I'd drink from waking up to passing out. Surprised I'm still here.
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Old 07-25-2018, 04:35 PM
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Daily. This was usually a pattern of 2-3, then 3-4 ish the next day, continuing the pattern until getting smashed Friday and/or Saturday.

Wow, thatís the first time I ever actually said that.
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Originally Posted by lastchance77 View Post
My experience exactly
Mine as well.
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From what I've read, it's not always the how much you drank. Could you stop drinking with just one drink at a session? Did alcohol have a negative impact on your life as in your health or your actions or were friends concerned? When you think of not drinking again ever, do you shrug as if someone told you you could never eat a doughnut again, or do you feel a little anxious at the word "never." I was a 3/4 of a bottle of chardonnay person or two or three mixed drinks a night . I have never had a DUI or the DTs or had people tell me the awful thing I did when I was loaded - yet. I decided to quit now because three drinks a day is in no way good for you - and it wasn't - and because sometimes I found myself driving to the liquor store to buy tequila even if I didn't feel particularly like a drink. It was a habit. And the fact that you're thinking "I'm not as bad as THAT" could be what is referred to as your "alcoholic voice" looking for an opportunity to coax you back into consuming alcohol. You know the people who don't belong here? The ones that maybe have a drink or two every couple of weeks or months and sometimes don't even finish their drink - as if it's a cup of coffee that got cold. If they couldn't ever drink again, they'd say, "Bummer. Oh, well. Guess I'll eat more ice cream."
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I wrote the above post as a reply to someone else and it inadvertently got posted. Sorry. I have been a 3/4 to 1 and 1/4 bottle of wine girl for years. Then wine gave me heartburn, so I switched to two or three shots of tequila with a mixer. Then had the same problem. I got real tired of the middle of the night "Is it heartburn or is it a heart attack?" scenario. I also realized I was buying alcohol even if I didn't feel like drinking because it was a habit. Sometimes I would not drink for three days to test myself if I could do it. because someone once told me that was the litmus test for if you're a problem drinker. As long as I could, go three days I figured I didn't have an alcohol problem (LOL). And as it happens, even tho' I gave up alcohol, I still have an acid reflux problem - because I drank myself into that problem.
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Every 3rd day here. Iíd drink then take next two days to recover then repeat. I would shift the not drinking +- 1 day if there was a night I couldnít drink or a morning I couldnít be hungover. However it became really hard to go 3 days without drinking. Also there were more and more mornings where I decided itíd be OK to be hungover. It was exhausting and had become unmanageable. Life is mush simpler now.
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