One week sober and my body is hurting

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Unhappy One week sober and my body is hurting

I am at one week. I am new to this community, and I am also new to this lifestyle. After a very tumultuous and emotionally jarring summer (due to my own decisions), I have been able to admit I have a problem. I was not a heavy drinker for most of my life - mostly narcotics was the issue - but lately have observed how out of control I have become with alcohol, and it frightened me enough to quit. Relationships have been strained due to my substance abuse and I dropped out of school last semester. I am going back next week and am currently one week sober.

Part of how physically awful I am feeling is due to an abuse of xanax over the last few weeks. I am hopeful another part of how terrible I feel is my divorce from alcohol. Otherwise, I feel frightened of how out of it I am feeling. I want to just be okay and am really struggling. I feel disoriented, achy, tense, am constantly clenching my jaw, having night terrors, either have insomnia or oversleep, have a tremendous amount of anxiety, feel incredibly depressed and panicky, feel hopeless at times, and am sweaty a lot. My hands have been shaking and my hunger is inconsistent. I feel irritable and not myself. I am frustrated with myself and these circumstances.

My support group is small as I found that I live in a new area and many of my old friends support the more dangerous elements of my nature, and old friendships I might have leaned on prior are now strained due to bad decision making this summer.

I am going to attend an AA meeting soon and become involved in that community, but my depression and anxiety have made follow through difficult.

Do you guys have any words about when your body starts to feel better? Ways to cope with the anxiety? How was your experience with the transition? Words to get me through the days and nights? Is this normal? I am 24 and female, naturally prone to depression and anxiety. Alcoholism runs in the family on my mother's side.

Thank you for reading this and here's hoping things get better quickly as I make these changes in my life. I am devoted to my sobriety and am taking things one day at a time. Sending my love to all of you for inspiring me as I meet these challenges and fears as they come.
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It sounds normal to me. If you're concerned, do talk to your dr, but it generally takes awhile for your body to function well.

A lot of us here deal with anxiety/depression. If those conditions existed before you began drinking, you might check with your dr about possibly trying medication. I assume the xanax is from your dr? If so, talk to him about getting off the medication. There are healthy ways to deal with anxiety and some great books that have helped me:

Amen, Daniel Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Bassett, Lucinda From Panic to Power

Burns, David MD When Panic Attacks

Chodron, Pema The Places That Scare You

Doidge, Norman MD The Brain That Changes Itself

Dyer, Wayne The Power of Intention and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Orsilla, Ken Mindful way Through Anxiety

And, try Belly Breathing:

Sit comfortably, with your shoulders, head and neck relaxed.

Breathe in slowly through your nose so that your stomach moves out.

Tighten your stomach muscles, letting them fall inward as you exhale slowly through your mouth.
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You can do it. Imagine how your body will feel, when you don't have this to worry about.

The trick is going to be finding ways to have fun, and ways to be alone. Let that sink in..... finding ways to be alone without doing the things you are. I've been reading alot today.... and many people say that when you start drinking (or doing whatever) alone, is when your problem begins. I know for me that is absolutely the case. You responded on my post (thank you), and this has been a realization of mine today. Maybe for you too.

The thought of not even having one "relaxing" drink alone, while I'm on the road, alone. The thought of justifying it by saying, look at all of what I am doing. Or... conversely - look at the stuff I'm NOT doing (ie - going out every night, beating my wife, shacking up with prostitutes) it must be okay.

It's not okay, as you and I are both learning concurrently together in whatever opposite ends of the earth we are on. It's not okay.

I don't like being weak, but I have to admit that I am weak right now.. moreover I need to be weak. I need to learn. I need to... digress.

Your body hurts, so what. In 20 years when you're not hurting anymore you won't be thinking about hurting right now. Make the right decision.

I want you to make it.
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Learning to live again
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Welcome lillith - it's so good to meet you.

Yes, it is normal. I was achy, disoriented, sensitive, emotional - for the first couple months. I drank for 30 yrs. though - so hopefully you'll feel better sooner than I did. I had to learn to live in a whole new way, without numbing myself. Facing the world clear headed takes some getting used to. Be proud of yourself for seeing what needs to be done at such a young age. To go back and be 24, and not drink - my entire life would've turned out so differently.
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Hi and welcome lilitheruffgem

I think mileage varies from person to person.

Drinking heavily for a while and then throwing xanax into the mix has to be fairly rough on mind and might take more than a week to feel better?

Of course if you're convened your Dr may be able to calm your fears
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I saw my doc. about physical health and my depression/anxiety. Then followed up with regular visits to a psychologist -about every 6 weeks over the last 18 months.
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I hope you haven't quit both the alcohol and xanax at the same time cold turkey? That can be dangerous and you should see your doctor if you have. Not trying to scare you, just want you to be safe Great job on quitting the alcohol! I'm at 2 weeks sober myself and struggle with anxiety as well. I felt all those emotions you described in the first week but am feeling much better now. Keep your chin up, girl. You can do this. We are here for you!
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