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this is my first time here. I am seeking advice and support. I have a sister who is an alcoholic, she is 47 and has been struggling with the disease since she was a teenager. She was in her first psychiatric facility when she was about 13. She went into a rehab 5 years ago for 3 months and once out stayed sober for about 1 year, she had a relapse went back in as an out patient and then was fine for a year and relapsed again. She joined AA and was good for another year and has since relapsed again. during his time my parents hve allowed her to live with them and have even employed her. when she is sober she still is irresponsible with money and life choices. we have been walking on egg shells for years and it is wearing us down. (She also has four girls- 20, 18, 17 and 15)I have tried to explain to my parents that by not holding her accountable in life and their business they are enabling her. She is no better today then she was 5 years ago. I have explained that the only on that can help her is herself, that she has to make a choice to change or seek help, we cannot keep allowing her to effect our lives. They need to set boundaries. My father will not confront her as he has had a stroke and does not want confrontation, he knows she will scream and yell and guilt him.
He has finally decided to release her from the business, and he his asking her to seek help through a rehab. he will allow her to stay at the house, but only under his guidelines, if she cannot stick to the guidelines she will need to move out.
So here is my question... Is he doing the right thing by setting these boundaries? I believe he is.

Thank you for listening and any guidance or sharing of how someone in the chat has had a similar experience and what worked for them.
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I believe he is too.

I hope your sister can find the same moment of clarity I did and turn her life around.

welcome to SR Tagalog

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