Day 39 and my sleep is terribly low quality

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Day 39 and my sleep is terribly low quality

I go to bed and sleep, usually waking up twice. When I wake up in the morning I do not feel rested and feel as if I haven't gotten any quality sleep. I am prescribed klonopin, but this can make me really cognitively slow the next day.
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Sleep problems are fairly common in early recovery. It seems that it takes quite awhile for the body to reset itself to sleep normally. Congratulations on 39 days of recovery, and I hope your sleep improves.
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Try having a healthy snack before bedtime.
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Hi chiquenb - I go through periods of low quality sleep too - I'm in one now.

I try to keep away from caffeine (or tobacco or anything like that)

I try to exercise at least a little through the day and night, I try to keep the lighting dim around me and I try to shutdown the PC a few hours before I want to sleep.

I try and go to bed at a reasonable hour - not so early I wake up at midnight but around 930pm is not bad for me.

eventually things seem to sort themselves out for me, but if you're concerned or you have worries about your meds, why not see your Dr?
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I always sleep best when I get a good workout in during the day.
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