Bizarre eating patterns at 37 days? Snacking constantly.

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Question Bizarre eating patterns at 37 days? Snacking constantly.

I have 37 days and my eating schedule is really weird. For instance, when I was actively drinking I was very good about eating at certain times and healthy eating. Now that I stopped drinking, I will sometimes just eat snacks. The snacking is really weird and I will need to snack every hour. Then I'll wake up at midnight and crave ice cream like a fiend. I have gained weight in my abdominal area.

I am assuming this is just because consuming alcohol messes with sugar levels? I think my hormones are probably messed up as well. Today was so weird - all I had was my ice coffee and then every hour or so I've been diving into a bag of Goldfish or pretzels.

It's like I don't feel like eating a full meal but I will get hunger pangs for snacks.
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I noticed that when I quit drinking, I had cravings for lots of sweet things too, at pretty much all hours of the day, but especially bad at night. I think the sugar levels thing is right on the money for that.

The cravings should eventually subside with sober time (or so I've heard). Doesn't help our waistlines, but it's better than being drunk, that's for sure.
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I'd say it very likely a blood sugar thing.

Have you done any research on hypoglycemia and alcohol?

I know that when I first quit years ago (been struggling again lately) that I instantly developed huge sugar/coffee cravings. Changed my diet completely and pretty much resolved the issue.
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There's a lot of newly sober ice cream fiends in these parts. I'd eat 4 candy bars and wash it down with a quart of half n half so I don't have room to talk:-) At 37 days I'd just focus on getting to 38. When the body reaches its new norm you can work on diet if it doesn't re-adjust by itself. Keep it up!
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Me too. I would rather be a bit chubbed out than an active alky.

I was pretty diabetic and had gastrointestinal pancreatic distress.

It all get better when I stopped drinking.

Thank God.

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Try exercising. i find it curbs my appetite and keeps my mind occupied.
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