A bit of sunday morning positivity

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A bit of sunday morning positivity

Hey there soberfriends

So, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps because I've caught a bug so I'm not at my best right now. I was thinking of ways to cheer myself up and keep myself motivated so I thought I would try to think for as many benefits to quitting drinking as I can. Because quitting drinking isn't just something that I'm doing for my health because I have to, it's something I'm doing because I want to live the best life I can.

Here goes.

1. Your skin gets better
2. You no longer feel sick all the time
3. There's more time to live you life. Not just the years it will be physically extended by, but being able to remember everything and actually doing things with your time gives you a very real sense of the days getting longer - in a positive way
4. Here's a biggie - you'll never be hungover again. Remember how that felt? The creeping anxiety, the sickness? Never again, woosh, gone.
5. You'll have a lot more money - while there are exceptions (some people have to quit their job to stay sober for example) most people end up with more in their pocket just for not spending so much
6. You'll get smarter - Alcohol is no good for our brains and just like everything else, this improves with time.
7. You won't have to face the shopkeeper as you buy alcohol multiple times or silly hours in the morning
8. Morning are now something to enjoy - I thought I hated mornings, turns out I just hate alcohol. Morning are the best, the sun is shining and it's the perfect time to eat scrambled eggs, what's not to love?
9. You won't die from liver disease - assuming you haven't gone past the stage of no return, which is most of us, you no longer have to fear something I think all of us thought about, being that guy/girl on the hospital bed turning yellow. I don't want to stick to the negative too long but that image haunted me and its slowly fading away
10. Work will become a lot easier - Not just from avoiding working hungover but generally because as your mind clears and your body starts to recover, you generally find tasks easier
11. Your senses improve: Apparently as you quit drinking your senses actually become more pronounced meaning everything you do is improved, things taste better, smell better, its not just the small things quitting alcohol improved, its things you might have never thought of. I just made the same scambled eggs I've been making for years (low heat - no milk just cold butter, in case your wondering, it's the best) and I'm certain its ten times better than the last 100 times I ate it
12. You will be free - This is maybe most important to me. I wasn't free when I was drinking, I was a prisoner in my own body and my own mind. Slowly, I'm getting a grip back on myself
13. You'll look better - I'm not a vain man but going from looking like a ghoul to a normal human being has made my ventures out a little less anxiety inducing
14. You'll discover your hobbies - Drinking doesn't leave much time for anything else. Rediscovering what you like is for me one of the most exciting parts of sobriety. Turns out I'm into gardening for example. Who knew?
15. Your relationship with your family and friends will improve - Being drunk for sober people isn't much fun and more than that our addiction often leaves us being selfish and inconsiderate. Quitting means you can start to mend these fences, which brings us to my next one
16. You find out who your friends are - One problem lots of us have is we find out some of our friends aren't really friends, we were just useful to them as a drinking buddy or for other reasons and they have no care for our well being. Well, I think finding that out is a good thing. Life is too short.
17. You'll be happier - Because ultimately, that's what it's all about isn't it? We want to live a happy life and for all the reasons I've listed and I'm sure hundreds more I've forgotten, quitting drinking, long term, will make us happier.

So, those are some of the reasons I'm not going to let the Sunday sickness blues get me down. Anyone else have reasons I've forgot? =)
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Awesome list! Thanks for sharing xx
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☺ totally agree with all if I can drive my car anytime of day or night!

I've started putting the money I would have spent on drink into a pot and at the end of each month it's there as a physical reminder and I then use it to go treat myself. First pay out is Tuesday! Month 1. About 400. That feels good! No guilt about spending it as it was reclaimed from the dark side.

I'm currently sitting at 10am in a park with a coffee..sun shining and feeling at peace with the world and ahead of me. A month ago I'd have been fighting to delay a destroyed. No brainer.
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Great positive Sunday morning post Andagain...thank you 💜

Something I am embracing with sobriety is being kind to myself... I have engaged in behaviours which have been harmful and damaging. I am now taking care of my physical, emotional and psychological needs.
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No more shakes- making it easier to put my contact lens in and to change flies when fly fishing.

I used to be embarrassed by my hands shaking at times.
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