Feel like I have lost it

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Thank you Now.. I missed your post some how before. He is is coming over soon. Will update on what happened
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We had our chat. I got nowhere yet again. Really demoralised. Going to lie down. Talk later.
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Originally Posted by sweetichick View Post
I couldn't stand my friends up by walking out. .
same friends that back in january ya said:
" I need my friends and we meet for dinner nearly every night."
"I just wanted to say my friends don't drink."

but, yes, you could have. you chose not to.


sweeti, ya may want to change
"Maybe I will go back to AA"
youve been saying that for 9 months now.
prolly help better at getting and staying sober by sayin
"im going to to go back to AA. im going to truly learn what the program is and work it. im going to get a big book and read it daily, go to meetings daily, get a sponsor to help guide me through the steps and learn. im going to give it 90 days and if i dont like the results, then i can walk away."

sobriety isnt something to "maybe".
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sweetichick - time to examine your own behavior. you willingly hopped in the car to go to a BAR and wait for friends. friends who "don't know" about your drinking problem. you drank and then went home and drank more.

but when it comes to getting in the car to go to a meeting, you, well gee, maybe.......

i'm not sure what you thought you would accomplish by "talking" to the predatory across the street neighbor. it was unwise at best. but again you waited hours for him to arrive.

i hope you can gain some clarity and put alcohol and anyone associated with alcohol out of your life.
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