Should I stay or should I go?

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Question Should I stay or should I go?

Hello and I hope you are well.

My girlfriend of over 3 years has admitted to needing help with her alcohol addiction.

The beginning of last straw was a week ago. She was traveling by plane and seemed to somehow consume 3 beers and 7 drinks. So when she landed her condition caused her to not turn off the airplane mode of the phone.

This caused her to not find her ride as no communication tools now. Her sister who was picking her up drove around for hours and paged her,asked was there any problems on the flight.... both of us where worried sick.

We found her at her sisters home and there was no productive communication going to happen then.

The next day when we talked it took over an hour to get to what was made since as the details that happened. From 6 beers but two stops and finally worked its way to 3 beers and 7 drinks in 5 hours.

So then for 5 days she went to AA, very happy and excited on the way to a new path. stay in her current location with her sister and in a month or two come back. That very same day pop. phone turned off, we had no fighting issues, so that was yesterday.

I was excited to tell her I found an Alanon meeting and went to it.

So now just over a day I have not heard from her and I am just trying to figure is this a fight I want to stay in.

Love her. I now see much more then I did before, a lot of reading on the internet.

Opened my eyes to not just the alcohol and all the horrible insecure, deceiving side, but to things I need to work on to be a better me.

Very scary in some ways as I study what goes on. Defiantly learning boundaries now, not sure how to put in the bite or hook on this yet. Confusing at best.

Totally would love to see her get clear from this if I could. And effort is not the problem, its the not knowing when, and what can come.

Just not sure on if I should stay or I should go.
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Be supportive, but you should think about leaving if there isn't a commitment to recovery there.
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Hi, tpkingkris, welcome to SR.
Do you feel that your SO truly wants to be sober, or is she just going through the motions?
If she is not done with drinking yet, then it is best for you to move on.
Life with a drinker is a hard way to go.
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