Good update, day 71!

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Good update, day 71!

Hi everyone,

Currently on day 71 and I honestly have no desire to drink at all. Been to the pub multiple times for food etc and not even been tempted. Ive pretty much forgotten about drinking.

Im still taking the really low dose of Baclofen from the GP. I think I'm on about 40mg a day and was on 60mg before. Im still the guinea pig as my GP says but he is very happy with how its working with cravings and anxiety.

Talking of anxiety, its pretty much 98% gone now. Its more just being a little shy again, which I always have been. No feelings of impending doom, worried while cutting my hair cut or waiting in the queue/line etc.

Ive also been through some time tough times with my mother gone now and also my grandma starting to go downhill (last of my family really as I'm a only child and my father died when I was six). It was also my birthday towards the end of July, went to the pub with friends and just had a nice sober day/night. Again, zero effort for resisting the drink! Im my grandma's carer also and she has a glass of wine pretty much every night and I pour it for her etc. Even the smell is kind of off putting now and when I go back into the room I can smell the wine which I would never be able to do before.

Physically I'm in better shape. I haven't been to the gym or started running like I did last time I quit but I will get around to it at some point. When I stopped drinking I put on some water weight but now its dropped off and I'm some much less puffy in my face etc. Im getting asked for ID loads more now while buying cigarettes (I do intend to switch to vaping soon) which didn't happen before really. Im getting compliments a lot of the time also which is nice!

Anyhow, there is my little update. Il report back when I hit 90 days or around then as I tend to forget how long ago it was when I stopped!

Take care all!
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