Neurotoxin idea

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Neurotoxin idea

I recenty read someone's post here about how, by ingesting alcohol -- a brain altering chemical, a neurotoxin -- we have caused changes to our brain chemistry.

The more I think about it, this makes so much sense. It's why those of us who used to not have a problem with drinking, can become someone who does.

It's also why you can't quit for a while, and then go back to being a "normal" drinker, because your brain has been changed and the consumption triggers an addictive response again.

When I was drinking daily, I often thought of my liver, and what I was putting it through on a daily basis. But it's not just your liver. It's our brain and our psyche, our joints, our skin, our eyes.. Everything.

Thinking about it in this way, for me, is hugely motivating. Who wants to damage their own brain? Getting older naturally is tough enough. And every one of us is getting older every single day. This is the only life we have, the only body we have. In the midst of drinking it's easy to say, "oh, what the h***, I want to drink anyway," but that's the addiction and alcohol talking. Who in their "right mind" would agree to that?

I know this may be stating the obvious, but just wanted to thank whoever that was (sorry I can't remember the name!), and thought it might help someone else too.

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Yeah, pretty incredibly helpful to know this stuff. Thats all of my reading lately... on the actual physical addiction, the brain chemistry ... I have posted on here a couple times recently about that.

I cannot tell you how much this has helped me to understand this stuff to even a small degree.

It needs to be told to every newcomer. Knowledge IS power!
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