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Quite Drinking and Weed Yesterday... Hello!

Well hello everyone.

I figured I would come here to seek out some advice on some things as I am having a very rough time and this would be my third time attempting to stop abusing things.

I have quite a history of drugs relating back to when I was a teen and going into being an early adult, including just about every common drug out there to some extent (Though mostly opiates and sometimes psychedelics,).

I did okay for a year and stopped for the most part by the time I was 20 after nearly killing myself with an accidental overdose on herion, and was fine for about a year.

Turning 21 however threw a wrench into that sobriety when I could easily buy my own alcohol and was in school/working. Plus I lived in Seattle and there are pot shops every where.

I immediately fell into my old habits and began drinking in excess every day, also usually starting and ending it with some weed, only sobering up enough to get to work/class.

3 years later upon turning 24 I am still stuck and have attempted 3 times to quit never making it more than a few days.

I am on day two and withdrawals are heavy. Sweats, I have absolutely no desire to eat and have to force it down due to no longer smoking weed (after a while your body gets used to it regulating your hunger, and if you don't smoke you don't want to eat at all).

My head is pounding, my heart rate is at about 100 just sitting idle in a chair. More when I walk around.

Sleeping last night was very difficult.

I want to drink so badly. Want to roll a joint, to smoke a bowl. Wouldn't mind some opiates either though mostly just to deal with how my head feels. Most of my body kind of aches because I have been shivering non-stop since I woke up, despite it being 100 outside earlier.

I am seeing a doctor tomorrow morning to discuss options that might help with the symptoms.

What I want to know -

How long until the withdrawals stop? How long until I feel completely normal again after being drunk for basically three years straight and smoking massive quantities of weed every day?

What are some things I can do to distract myself? I don't have much of a social life because I spent most of my time outside of work/school isolation and have only a couple friends to talk to and my parents. I am considering going and living there for a couple weeks to get myself straightened out with more support.

But for the most part I find myself being also very bored, because without much to do I used to drink and smoke mostly for entertainment purposes and to make this computer screen more fun.

And having nothing to do, just makes me want to drink more and you can only go for a walk for so long when you live in the desert during summer.

Perhaps get a gym membership?

Take up more hours at work?

Anything, I need distractions otherwise I know I will fail because in the past I've made it about 5 days and caved due to the withdrawals and the boredom.

I am however confident I can do it this time, because my situation demands it far more than the past and my health is terrible, both school and work is on the line here as well as my home.

I don't really have a choice, and I want to be happy.

So what can I do to help myself other than that doctors visit and perhaps an AA meeting? Little things to fill time, mostly.
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Welcome to SR!

The worst of the withdrawals will most likely resolve after two weeks at the latest. Getting back to normal though...that's a tough question. I've heard up to 6 months isn't unheard of to get your body and mind completely back. You're young though, so you will probably bounce back a bit quicker than a lot of people. I'm at 7 weeks myself, and I still have functionality issues with my head.

Distraction is a good idea. Good for you. Anything you can do that will both distract you and help your health is a good idea; to that end I would recommend lots of exercise. A gym membership is good so long as you have the discipline to go there. And, of course, you obviously have the internet, and there's no end to distractions there. I spent a lot of my first few days curled up and watching YouTube.
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Thank you for the advice!

The computer works okay but I find myself always bored of video games, Youtube, Netflix, Reddit, Other forums after a couple hours, especially when it is so hot outside I can't think (Air conditioning broke a few days ago).

Any super random hobbies that are easy to start up and don't take many resources that I haven't thought of? I like tasks that keep my hands moving and keep me busy.

Maybe I'll go clean out my storage shed or something.

Also - How long until the WORST of the withdrawals are done with? I know mine tended to get to their absolutely worst around day 3 and 4 which I am not looking forward too.

Is there a timeline in which they noticeably start reducing and becoming more tolerable or am I gonna be stuck like this for the next month?
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welcome to SR

I'm new myself, today is the end of day 6 for me, so I can't give you as much advice as the others could. What I can say though, from what I've read, the worst of the withdrawal symptoms should be gone by the 7th day. For me, my worst days were 1 and 2. I had a scrip from my doc to help make the symptoms more tolerable. I'm glad you're going in to be seen because it will help a lot.

I've been keeping myself very busy and researching a lot. Spending A LOT of time on SR, which really helps.
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For me- serious commitment to recovery means a doctor, MEETINGS and a counsellor. I think increasing work will just be a distraction, but offer no skills in recovering. You are young enough with the gift of awareness and this site (SR). Join some of the threads, put as much effort into recovery as in addiction. Empathy and support to you.
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Yakebow - everyones different with withdrawals. There can even be variation in the one person.

I drank for 20 years and smoked weed for 30...With weed it was anything from a few days to a week, and same with booze really - my last booze detox was really bad tho and that took me a month to feel like I was about to drop dead.

I'm glad you're seeing the Dr. Best to be safe.

I recommending spending as much time as you can here on SR - it was a real lifesaver for me.

I not only got help for myself but I helped a few other people in turn

Other than that try and avoid sitting around like you used to do drunk and/or stoned.

I also suggest you try and stay away from any smoking and drinking crew in your life for a while too.

The success of the mission rests in the decisions you make now.

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advice needed , alcoholic

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