Mind if I hang out with you guys for a week?

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Mind if I hang out with you guys for a week?

Husband went back to his home in Laos for a week, which happens every month due to VISA runs, which actually works good for us. Having breaks from each other is always good for a relationship, plus he gets to hang out with his family and friends for a week in his home village, which is obviously quite a bit different than the city life.

Nonetheless, that means it's just me and the dogs for another week. Can't really go anywhere as I went blind about 1.05 months ago. I can meander around to the local shops by myself, but for the most part am stuck at home, which is fine as well, as I have loads of work to do.

Staying strong and sober though. I can't really forsee myself drinking while he's gone, and I'm pretty sure I'm fine. I'm pretty content sober, and definitely hit rock bottom a couple times over in the recent past. That was enough for a wake up call, it got me straightened out, and I'm back to living with a new found ambition for work and becoming successful again.

I'm back in that mindset where I have loads to do, and want it all done last week, so I know full well no drinking allowed. Obviously it's on my mind though, or else I wouldn't be posting here. No cravings or anything, but you don't drink 1L of whiskey everyday for 16 years then just forget about it.

Besides, I know full well what would happen with that first drink. The whole week is gone, and my honey shows up to a hung over husband, stinking like alcohol, dishes piled up in the sink maybe with some new maggots as friends, back to being low on money, etc. Nah... think I'll just stick with green tea, have my honey come back in a week to a smiling and sober husband, while I tell him, "hey honey, made an extra $3000 while you were gone! let's go to your favorite restaurant for a treat!". Yeah, that sounds much better.

heh, can't believe I'm actually staying sober this time, as I used to be such a hopeless case. I'm living proof that if I can do it, then anyone can. Maybe once we're settled into our new home in Chiang Mai, are financially very secure again, and I can sit back and say to myself "I did it", I'll write a short story about my journey to sobriety. Until then, I'm still on that journey and the future remains to be seen.

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone enjoys the upcoming weekend!
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Welcome Mercury35

You sound great and hope you have a nice weekend.
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Hello and welcome to you! Hang around as long as you like!
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The more the merrier Mercury 💜
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Sorry, but says I don't have enough posts to send a PM, so I'll just do it here. Hope this doesn't get me banned, but I was TroyW back in the day, just the sober version this time.

Don't worry, I'll only very rarely post on here, because a) I now have a loving and amazing husband in life, b) I'm happy and sober, c) I have loads of work and ambition, and d) I'm now blind, so everything takes longer. Combine all those things, and I don't really have time to socialize on message forums much anymore.

Was just onight since my husband is gone for a week again. Then due to everything I endured tostabalize our life, sure enough there's a small part of my mind saying maybe it's ok to let my guard down and give myself a pat on the back. Obviously I won't, and am in no danger of drinking, so all is well.

Hope all is well with you.
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Maybe listen to for some light listening?

Keep moving forward and please stay stopped, YOU are worth it!
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Lovely to have you back with us for a little while. Maybe you'll even decide to check in occasionally when hubby is back home.
So sorry to hear about you losing your sight. That must be very challenging.
I'll look forward to more posts from you in the next week.
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