Vacation and 8 weeks

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Vacation and 8 weeks

Hi All,

Just checking in as I reach the half way mark of my holiday/vacationing. Having a wonderful time with my husband and I am thrilled to report that I have succeeded in staying alcohol free thus far, with every intention of continuing to do so.

Today also marks 8 weeks sober for me, and this will be my first sober vacation. The first few days were tough, with an internal battle fought between my commitment to sobriety, and the familiar wiles of my AV. I am proud to say that I have been able to quash the manipulative sway of the AV and I am certain that I am having a much better time for it!

Although I have unfortunately over indulged in food, and given in to some of my binge eating tendencies due to low self esteem, I am proud that I have accomplished 8 weeks of sobriety, and whilst on vacation nonetheless. Although it is clear that I still have a long way to go, I can at least take solace in the fact that I am getting there.

To anyone struggling with their own demons, or concerned about an upcoming vacation, I wanted to post here to emphasise how much more enjoyable this trip has been without the crushing guilt and nausea of hangovers, overspending and embarassment due to drunken behaviour. I have been able to be more present and explore the area rather than just the inside of local bars and nightclubs.

The AV will try to convince you that you 'deserve' to have a drink, to 'have fun' - but that is a dangerous illusion. You 'deserve' to have fun and allow yourself? to fully enjoy the experience of being present in the moment, and making memories that you will have the capacity and the desire to remember!

Stay strong all :-)
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This is wonderful, LC! So true.
I realized this on my vacation early this month; how much better everything was because I could appreciate it, wake up early, feel good, have no regrets, not waste time buying and drinking and recovering from drinking.

Don't be hard on yourself about the eating part.. take one thing at a time! It's enough of huge step to be so much healthier by not drinking. You are doing great.

I know you will enjoy the rest of your vacation to the fullest!

So happy for you.
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Congrats on 8 weeks LC - enjoy the rest of your break

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Thank you guys!

That's my plan Tealily, I'm trying to focus on the positives and the achievement of staying sober, and in time I hope to be rid of my eating issues too. As you say, one step at a time. For now I'm going to try to eat relatively healthy for the rest of my vacation and enjoy some sober activities like beach yoga and a day trip to some local tourist attractions and wildlife preservations.

Hope everyone is keeping well, and thank you as always for providing such support - this community is making such a profound difference in my sobriety journey!
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Have a fab time LastingChange 💜
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