Sober Vacation

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Sober Vacation

Just returned from my first sober vacation since I was pg with my 16 year old. It was a little weird sometimes, but what I really noticed was how much more I enjoyed my vacation, even when it was tiring, I was able to rest more easily.

We stayed with my BFs mom and there was an open house for folks that have known my BF all his life to come say hi and meet me and hang out. Most folks were drinking, but what I noticed is that they were drinking like one or two drinks over the course of 4 or 5 hours! I know that if I had been drinking I would have been so conscious of how much I was drinking, how much could i have without embarrassing myself or seeming like I had a problem... It would not have been enjoyable for me to nurse 2 drinks all night. It would have been exhausting. Or worse, I would have had 3 and then 4...

Of course, instead I was drinking the equivalent of La Croix sparkling water (Klarbrunn if you know the brand) and I ended up having about 6 so I was up peeing all night, but it was much easier than the alternative! I remember everything I said, everyone I met, and had a great time hearing about all the trouble my BF got into as a little guy.
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This is great news apple, I am so glad you enjoyed it more without drinking, hangover free days off are the best.

It is only when we stop drinking ourselves that we notice that most other people drink a lot less during say an evening than we do. It was an eye opener for me.
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Brilliant well done
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That is wonderful, apple! I'm so delighted for you!

It's so much easier when we realize that it's not a deprivation but an enhancement of the situation to subtract alcohol! You could be present, engaged, shameless, proud, actually participate and feel good later!

So happy for you.
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Good for you apple...first sober holiday is a big milestone x
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I'm so glad you had a good sober break applewakesup

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