I will never drink again and I WON'T change my mind...

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I will never drink again and I WON'T change my mind...

I am seeing this as becoming very common in a lot of threads. This is great to see. Sobriety in it's simplest form. The door needs to be shut for ever drinking again under any circumstances. That switch in our brain has been flipped and it is not possible (at least for me) to entertain the idea of drinking socially or controlled. Once the door is cracked open to drinking, it's only a matter of time before the door is fully open and all bets are off.

I tend to see those that are successful have the mentality "I will never drink again and I won't change my mind."
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I agree. I think this is the only real option for most alcoholics because we are too "all or nothing" to do anything else. We are either all in or out completely. With most things - not just drinking. At least I find I am.
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" I will never drink again, and I will never change my mind" , I don't see how anything less isn't a plan to drink in the future.

Everyone needs to ask themselves what their plan for future alcohol use is.
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