TOPIC: Do You Know How Wine, Beer, Hard Liquor Is Made?

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TOPIC: Do You Know How Wine, Beer, Hard Liquor Is Made?

Does anyone know how wine, beer,
hard liquor, sweet liquor is made?

We all have had our own special poison
we liked to go to, one better tasting than
the other, one that did the trick at one
time or another but eventually turned
on or against us.

All those pretty poisons decorated
nicely in each package, sparkling in
each bottle. Many that brought warmth
to our guts, created a buzz, brought
out a distorted view of ourselves,
telling us that we are better,
smarter, beautiful, strong, out going,
that extra boost we needed to get

So what is in all that poison that
makes us feel and act the way we
do when under the influence or
in our addiction with alcohol?

Break it down if you know so that
we all can get an education on what
we use to think was so awesome is
actually soooo bad for us from head
to toe.

You can go back as far as the time
when folks picked grapes, placed
them in barrels and stomped on
them with bare feet. Letting them
ferment. How much sugar is needed,
to how the alcohol is actually produced
from them.

This could help so many look at
alcohol in a different way once they
are educated on how all this poison
is made and produced.
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