Day 6

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Day 6

Good Morning!

Well it's day six and I gotta tell you guys I felt pretty ****** yesterday. While I don't have to find a job quite yet I know that's looming and I got down in myself pretty bad. All of those negative thoughts creeped in my mind and I made myself feel like a loser and idiot for losing my job in the first place. It lasted pretty much all day and I just couldn't get out of that slump. I really ****** up and I can't stop thinking about how selfish, ungrateful, angry and petty I was to lose my job over drinking. Now I have to hit the job market and possibly flip burgers when I had a job getting paid great to do nothing. I let myself fall into a trap that is about to take everything I worked hard for away from me. I screwed up and I feel like I want to have a pity party but I can't and this **** pisses me off.

I know it could be worse, much worse, I just want really made a huge mistake. I also realized, like someone mentioned, that abstinence and recovery are two vastly different things. I definitely need to get into the steps, the big book, with a sponsor and get myself together. I will continue to goto meetings and do my part but **** that **** sucks man.

Figuring out how to pick up the pieces...
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Congratulations on Day 6! One day at a time. Subtracting alcohol from the equation is the necessary first step. You can't change what you did while you were drinking, but you certainly don't have to repeat it. We're all in this together, and we are rooting for you!
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Congratulations on day 6!!!
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Smile Day 6 for Me too

Man I can relate to the feelings of regret over the things we have done to our lives in our addiction. My kids won't talk to me, I got divorced, etc.. Wasn't all due to drinking but played a big part. Seems as the fog lifts we see clearly the destruction.... Hard not to resent myself and I do a lot of the time but I know that resentments, even toward myself, is slippery ground. Can't change anything from the past. Have to look forward. I did find a club today right around the corner w meetings all day and can't wait to get to the 1st one tonight at 5:45 and try and find a temporary sponsor. Forgive yourself and I will try to. Lets go forward. I am on a roller coaster of emotions but expect it. Wish you the best!
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