Mixed Emotions

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Mixed Emotions

Hi everyone :-)

I'm on day six and have a mixed bag of emotions over being sober. I will say the benefits of not drinking far outweigh being hungover/ foggy-brained.
However, I've noticed that for the past week I've been a hermit - I go to work and come straight home. I've cancelled plans out of fear that I wouldn't be able to remain strong enough to avoid alcohol. I mean, it's absolutely annoying to be the only sober person in a group setting that involves booze.
I'm also extremely irritable toward my husband for absolutely no reason at all. I'm mis-directing my anger and feel terrible about it.

Thanks for reading.
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Hi - really good on you for being 6 days in.

I've no doubt it's really hard for you being around friends who socialise by drinking. It's really what a lot of people do and do it without thinking it's just a normal friendship activity. If they are friends to depend on they will understand if you speak to them about not drinking. It's a big step but so is thinking about it, doing what you are doing and also posting on here.
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Hey - This is all part of the beginning process. I stayed away from people too and even stepped down to a lower position at my job (to reduce stress). My idea was to get time to MYSELF to deal with ME.

You will get better and better.... Sober fixes things.
Your happy you will come soon!
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Hi Flinders. That you avoid people/places where there is booze shows a true commitment to recovery. For me- I need support. Perhaps in part- because doing other things around people where there is no alcohol fills in the time. It takes time. Support means I make myself on a daily basis do something to prove to myself that my recovery is that important- it has to come first.
So support is of the professional kind - doc, counsellor, psychologist.
Social- AA/SMART meetings - basically being around people - listening to their stories, sharing and supporting. Also keeping an eye out for community based activities (local library a good starting point)
Personal- using SR (especially at night, it is 0200 Monday now), journal (very good for learning about me). Also stuff to replace booze. With me it is art. Some call it therapy, all I know it is creative, I learn new skills and occasionally something good coms out of it.
Support to you.
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I'm glad you are looking at your sobriety with sincerity. You won't regret it!
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