i'm back. Experiencing Anxiety, Dizziness and headaches

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i'm back. Experiencing Anxiety, Dizziness and headaches

Hello all. I am obviously not new here, based on my join date of 2010. I had gotten sober back then for 9 months but fell off, and have been on a long path, sometimes good, sometimes not. I want to share more of that story, but for now I want to get a back to finding sobriety and living a healthy life in recovery.

I'm on day 10 and am exhausted most of the time. But i also am feeling much clearer in my head when i am awake, and i like that.

For the past few months I have been having trouble walking. I get dizzy and then i get anxious which makes me more dizzy. I have a very stiff neck most of the time also, and a headache from it. So I start to walk, and get a little dizzy, which starts off a panic attack, which is turn causes more dizziness. i am now at the point that i start to think about where i have to walk before i do the walk, and that causes anxiety, and so by the time i get outside, I'm already feeling a bit dizzy. So i think it's a vicious cycle and one thing's leading into the other. I'm not really sure which occurs first these days, but the fact of the matter is that it's getting crippling.

For the most part there are times when I get only slightly dizzy in my home, but it doesn't really affect me much, and i don't get anxious about it. So it subsides.

Anyway, I really want to get better and don't want to become housebound because of all of this! i realize that drinking makes me more instable, and more anxious (duh, right? lol) So i decided to take drinking out of the equation.

That has helped with the severity of general anxiety during the day. And it seems it has a helped a little bit with the walking anxiety but not completely yet. Especially outside. it's still fairly bad.

Anyway, i am off to acupuncture and massage now. i hope that helps too.

I'm glad to be back on here. i feel like I've come home. I'm looking forward to support from you guys, and to giving support to you all. i know it's a two way street and that is what helps make it work for all of us. Thanks for being here.

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Welcome Back Houndheart!
I was really tired for the first month..
Often had to take a nap mid day..
It will get better soon!
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Welcome back Houndheart. I didnt experience that. Hopefully it will go away after some more sobriety.
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Welcome back! May I ask what caused you to relapse after 9 months of sobriety?
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It's good to have you back with us, Houndheart.
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Hi and Welcome back!

I'm glad you've gotten back to sobriety. I hope that you feel better. Anxiety is difficult to live with because just worrying about it can make you feel so much more anxious. It might be an idea to talk to your dr if the dizziness continues.
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Sorry I didn't answer you sooner CreativeThinker. I am not really sure what caused me to relapse 7 years ago.

What I do know is that it took me for a 7 year ride until I finally found my way back to reaching for sobriety again.

That one drink 7 years ago turned into thousands. And that's scary.
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