Being around alcohol for the first time since quitting.

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Being around alcohol for the first time since quitting.

So today I went round to a friends house and with it being a Friday, a couple of friends were drinking.

This is something I planned to avoid but it was something I went to because a friend I haven't seen for a while was going through a hard time and didn't want to cancel as they needed support.

They are not alcoholics and other than telling me to help myself when I arrived, didn't bother me about drinking at all.

I don't see them often and was very careful about seeing them during good days, so I really think they just consider me an occasional binge drinker and recluse.

So yeah, I was there, we watched tv, they drank and I didn't.

It wasn't too bad. It's something I plan on avoiding as much as possible, but didn't hit me like I thought it would. I actually had fun sober, turns out my sense of humour didn't come from a bottle I suppose.

I don't see any reason why I'll need to be around alcohol again, this was a special and rather tragic (I won't go into detail) circumstance. My partner drinks like.... one on work nights out maybe twice a month and never at home and I actually never had drinking buddies.

But I was relieved to see my will remain unshaken in the face of the beast, so to speak.
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I'm glad you got through that without drinking and discovered you could still have an enjoyable time as possible and not need to drink to do that. Yeah, you may discover even a better sense of humor sober than drinking. Our perception while drinking was off anyways, compared to the sober perception. People think they can have so much more fun and "loosen up" and what not. I used to think I could ski better after downing a few beers at the lodge. Nope. Just a faulty perception.
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Haha, I thought I was better at snooker. I think I had one good game while drunk, one in hundreds and that convinced me.

Yeah, I was worried that my interactions would be really awkward but that wasn't the case at all. I think most the times I had bad social interactions while sober was probably in the midst of a bad hangover, so that probably effected things.
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