when enough is enough

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when enough is enough

back to square one again. just completed day 2 of sobriety again. for about the 5th time. i reach the critical point where the pain of hangover and non-productivity just don't allow me to go on. i quit for 3-4 weeks feel amazing, alive. then foolishly believe that I can handle a few drinks. that moderation is the way to go. never works and cycle repeats until again life becomes unbearable under the control of the drink. hoping for better luck this time.
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"Better luck" won't get you there. What you need is a good plan to keep you from drinking again.

I hope this time you're successful.
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John, Day 3 is often a tough one. So plan ahead and prepare. What kind of a recovery plan to you have? You can always come here to SR and get support.
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Hi tranquilseeker,

Have you thought about what are you going to do differently this time to make it your last time? This is my 2nd time and I added extra tools/resources/support to make this MY last time.

Wishing you well on the rest of your recovery journey x
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Glad you are back trying again, what can we do to help this be "the" time that you kick it for good? As others have mentioned, luck and hope won't keep you sober...hard work and planning ahead will. Use this community to help you do that work.
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tranq, is all about dopamine. Your brain no longer produces enough of it for you to feel normal.

The reason you drink on day 3 or so is because the booze is beginning to fully leave your brain area.

Your brain is craving the dampening effects and starts to develop anxiety, paranoia etc.

That is when the battle really begins. Dealing w a hangover hurts, but the brain damage healing takes months and years to settle down.

That is why folks relapse so often the first year. At 80 days clean my anxiety was still running amuck.

That is why many drunks end up on anti physco meds. The damage done by booze makes a person act insane. After so many relapses, the crazy stays longer and longer until it never goes away.


Thank God for the education SR and the internet offered.

Stay clean.
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