Confusing withdrawal symptoms

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Confusing withdrawal symptoms

Hey there. So i recently went to the hospital to detox off alcohol. I was only there for one day and now I am experiencing interesting withdrawal symptoms. I have only been sober 3 days and I was a very heavy drinker. I've been on and off alcohol for 10 years but this last binge/run was pretty bad. Threw some drugs in there too which I normally dont do.

I am very easy startled. I'll catch a person standing next to me and panic a second.

I am losing my balance very easily.

General confusion

Also I cant put sentences together very well. Words are switching places and slurring a bit.

Sleep problems are the obvious as well.

Is this normal or am I experiencing something else?
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I think most people here are going to suggest that you see your doctor. It probably would be a good idea. Handing out medical advise is not allowed here. Just from reading on SR withdrawal is diffrent for each individual. Personally I would check in with your doctor as no harm can come from that. Peace of mind alone would be worth the trip.
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Since you have already been to a dr, it is no problem to go back.

I was a mess, just like you, over and over. I was a heavy binge drinker for years and years.

Balance, paranoia, inability to complete sentences...all of what you said.

If you can stay totally clean, I believe healing g to a state of normalcy is possible.

If you are taking rx meds, you will always be under the influence of something.

I met a girl, at an AA meeting, that was clean 4 years. She was wobbly and sounded drunk when she spoke.

I am pretty sure she was on some rx meds. I believe it is possible to damage our brains so hard that we end up slurring our words forever.

That is motivation to never pick up.

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The symptoms you describe could easily all be attributable to alcohol withdrawal, but it would be irresponsible for anyone here to say categorically that that's what they are.

The thing about alcohol withdrawal is that it can get worse -- more severe, with new symptoms that last longer -- with each successive detox, sometimes quite suddenly. Do a quick search on this site for "kindling" if you're interested in learning more about it.

The nice thing is that you never again have to feel as you do right now!

Welcome to SR! Hope you'll make use of the site as a resource to help you stay sober for good. I promise you'll be glad you did!
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If you think you need to see a medical professional then go back to the hospital. There is no harm in it.
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Some of those are familiar. I startle easy when I'm in those early days of withdrawal, for sure. I do feel off balance as well. General disorientation and insomnia, check.. The one that bothers me is the dysphasia, trouble speaking and slurring your words. Call the emergency department of the hospital where you were admitted and see what they think. A nurse can tell you if that's reason to come in or call your doctor and set an appointment.

Edit to add: I get tongue tied in acute withdrawal, too.
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Sounds like my kind of normal at 3 days sober. If you were given meds for detox, this could be part of it also. I imaging you were checked out at the hospital and you should not have been released if you were in danger. I would get out and get a good bit of exercise and concentrate on eating well. If I did not get better in a few days, I would head back to the doctor.
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