Feeling all of it

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Feeling all of it

I just have to get it out there.

I realize that being emotionally up and down is normal during the beginning of recovery, but my husband not talking to me is making it worse. I wake up everyday alone and wishing he was there and sometimes it hurts so much I don't even feel like getting out of bed.

Everything is overwhelming and sometimes I feel like I can't handle anymore emotion. I'm used to being numb. I know that eventually you stabilize after getting sober, but I fear that I won't be able to move forward without my husband. He is my partner and I never thought we would be in this place, especially once I became sober.

I feel alone.
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Hey Giraffegirl, you're not alone here on SR, there are many here that understand what you're going through, and many who have come through to the other side, lean on SR as much as you need!!

I drank to bottle away many emotions, to the point I didn't know who I even was anymore, and so Sobriety was a very scary and alone place, I had to find out who I was, relearn to be alright with feeling emotions and feelings again, but it takes time.

All the support tools you have available, draw on those to keep you moving forward, you can do this!!
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Hi GiraffeGirl

I just want to reassure you this is not the best it's going to get

You will learn to deal with emotions again - and I suspect that things with you and your husband will get better.

Try not to lose faith - you're doing all the right things now

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I used to have a 'silent partner' too and it wasn't fun.

Stay sober and you'll get a grip on your feelings. It will get better, I promise.
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Giraffegirl2013, your AV(addictive Voice) is a sneaky SOB and is gonna try to make you as miserable as it can but it will go away as time goes by. Your husband is probably waiting to see what's gonna happen to. We are all rootin for ya.
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