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New here

Hey guys im new here i have been a smoker (pot) for most my life every day , over 30 years but i have not been smoking at all in the last week, im very bored though as my entire social life revolves around sitting with friends around a bong.
Tonight ive been arguing with myself about just getting out of the house and visiting some friends im thinking if i dont get take away, if i dont bring pot home i wont smoke all day by myself and thats the real issue but im afraid im just looking for excuses and dont know if its addiction to pot or habit or crutch

......i was not planing on 'giving up' its just happened that i have not bought any but ive messaged and deleted the messages before sending them to my mates (and dealer) numerous times .
Im really confused about this , if its possible to go out maybe even smoke but not do it alone anymore not do it all day everyday.

I'd love to hear some advice from anyone else who is in a similar position to me, ive found this week easy enough im not missing the intoxication at all but i am missing the social aspect .

Is it better to try to stop all together or would i be best trying to make it just a social thing?

Im glad to find this site where i wont be judged and maybe someone will recognise what im struggling with here, do i need to cut ties with my old life completely and try to be sober always or attempt to just cut it out during the week when im alone but still enjoy the occasional Saturday night with friends where i may have a few
Ive no issues with any other types of intoxicants ive done many other drugs over the years but have never had issues with any, i can take or leave them with ease ....with pot its like coffee though with my social group we all use it and we all use it everyday

i drink sometimes but can count the amount of times ive been drunk in the last few years on one hand, with pot though its always just been there and I really dont know if im kidding myself about being able to enjoy in moderation or helps just to actually write this down and admit my i an addict who needs this intoxication or is it a habit like drinking coffee or smoking a ciggie after sex?

I hope you can all understand why im posting here and maybe some of you can help me figure out where i go from i taking a huge step backward if i go out and enjoy a sat night

is this an excuse to just say the problem is using alone and habitually and I just need to change my everyday behavior.

Is it an all or nothing situation.....i have not given up due to problems its caused or a bad situation or money problems i just seemed to stop, can i trust this is just a matter of control and start to treat smoko like i treat beer or other substances? or am i kidding myself here?
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Hi and welcome ashashash

I smoked more or less daily for 30 years.

It wasn't possible for me to cut back or only smoke weekends.

I could never do that, right from the beginning - if I had weed I smoked it...if I was high I wanted to be higher.

My choices really were all or nothing.
I chose nothing in the end.

It meant some massive changes for me cos my life was full of weed and weed smokers...(and drinkers and other alcoholics) but if I hadn't quit I wouldn't have the life I have now,or be the man I always wanted to be.

If any part of you wants a better life or just simply to be a better you and reach your potential I really recommend you give not smoking a go...

and, regardless of whether you've had issues with other intoxicants or not, be careful of drinking...I went from smoking to drinking in quick fashion...but thats a tale for another thread

we have a marijuana sub forum here as well - why not come down and check it out ?

Marijuana Addiction - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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cheers mate thanks for that its just what i needed to hear eh......i will check out that forum.....thank you so much for reaching out !
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Welcome to SR ashashash,

I can't smoke weed like a normal person. I just cane it. Morning till night.

That's no way to live so I stay away from it now. Of course I get bored sometimes but at least I'm no longer sleep walking through life.

I'd rather be bored than boring, and man, I'm no longer boring.

Good luck to you on your journey. :-)
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Welcome to the Forum Ashashash!!
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ashashash, wishing you well on the your recovery journey 💜
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